In many countries the tiger is a sacred animal. They are the most aggressive animals on the planet and have no other enemies than mankind. You can find a lot of different tigers in our collection. We have very realistic tigers, but also cute tiger coloring pictures. Some of them are quite difficult, others are more easy to color. Did you know that the stripes on the head of a tiger are the same as the word king in Chinese? In the Chinese culture the tiger is the symbol for being brave, courageous and determined.The tiger also is the third animal in the 12-yearly cycle of the Chinese Zodiac; called the year of the tiger. Tigers aren't very social. They live alone. This is the reason why they lost their title King of the Jungle to the lions. When a female tiger has lion cubs, they are with her for the first 8 to 10 weeks. After the cubs are able to hunt they start their lives alone. We also have a few really cute lion cubs to color. Pick your favorite and use orange and black colors to make your tiger even more beautiful.