There are 7 rainbow colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Because of all these colors it is really fun to color a coloring page of a rainbow. People tend to get happy when they see a rainbow high in the sky. It is a beautiful sight and doesn't happen everyday. We are sure that our printable rainbow coloring pages will also give you a smile on your face. Will you pick a simple rainbow, or a rainbow with a unicorn? Also when you are an adult you will find rainbow pictures of your liking. You can see a rainbow in the sky when sunlight passes through the raindrops. About that pot of gold.... You have to search for the end of a rainbow for a very, very long time. A rainbow has no beginning and no end. What you see is a half circle, but actually it is a full one. You can only see the full rainbow when you are very, very high above the earth (in a plane for instance). A rainbow also represents diversity. All the more reason to brighten up your bedroom or living room with a cute rainbow coloring page. Just pick the one you like, print it and color it!