Our Squishmallows coloring pages feature a variety of designs that showcase the different characters and their personalities. From playful puppies to friendly frogs, you'll find a range of lovable creatures to color in. Did you know that each Squishmallow has its own unique name and personality? For example, there's Stanley the Panda, who loves to eat bamboo and play games with his friends. Then there's Astrid the Unicorn, who loves to dance and make new friends wherever she goes. You can learn all about each character's likes, dislikes, and hobbies as you color them in. One of the best things about Squishmallows is their soft and huggable texture. In our coloring pages, we've tried to capture that squishy feeling by creating designs that are full of soft curves and rounded edges. You'll feel like you're coloring a real Squishmallow! Whether you're a fan of these plush toys or just love coloring cute and cuddly characters, our Squishmallows coloring pages are sure to provide hours of fun. So grab your favorite coloring tools and get ready to squish and color your way to happiness!