Did you know that Spiderman originally started as a comic in a comic book? The artist wanted to create a character that teenagers could identify with. The idea of Spiderman came to life when the artist saw a fly climbing up the wall. How special to get inspired by a fly ;). For many years Spiderman is super popular. He already had many different outfits throughout the years, but his most famous one is of course the red and blue suit. Unique about his costume is that it covers the whole body, and not showing anything anything, like with other superheroes. There is a lot of Spiderman toys available. Also the Lego sets are very popular after the release of the newest Spiderman movie "No way Home." Feel like a superhero yourself and get your printable Spiderman coloring page here. Maybe your "spider-sense" will tell you when your coloring page is ready to be colored!