Mickey Mouse

It is the most famous mouse of the world, we all know and love Mickey Mouse. And of course we have cool printable Mickey Mouse coloring pages for you to color. Mickey wears red shorts, large yellow shoes and white gloves. The character was created in 1928 and first went by the name "Mortimer Mouse." Mickey Mouse appeared in more than 130 films. In 2006 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse started. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (and of course we have those coloring pages as well :)) is an animated children's television series. Mickey and his friends Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto have interactions with the viewers (preschoolers) to stimulate problem solving. And we have more. We have easy Mickey Mouses, Mickey and Minnie Mouse coloring pages, Mickey Mouse during Halloween and Christmas and more. So if you are a fan of coloring Mickey Mouse pictures, you will find an example of your liking. All our coloring pages are free and easy printable. Have a lot of fun coloring!