My Melody

My Melody is a very cute white rabbit with her recognizable red (or is it pink?) hood, covering hear big ears. On her hood she wears a flower or a bow. My Melody was created by Sanrio, born in Mariland in the forest and loves baking cookies with her mother. You will often see her side by side with a shy mouse called Flat, a sheep called My Sweet Piano and her rival Kuromi. Did you know her birthday is January 18th and her favorite food is almond pound cake? So, after you finished your coloring pages, why not try baking My Melody's favorite cake at home? These kawaii styled coloring pages are great for young children as they are quite easy and simple. Please note that My Melody is more than just a cute and lovable character. She is a representation of friendship, kindness, and the power of positivity. She always makes sure to include her friends and make them feel valued, and she never gives up on her rivals. She is an inspiration to us all, and her sweet and caring nature will always be remembered. Enjoy coloring these printables!