Ninjago is one of the Lego-themes. We have all the ninja's in our collection, so start coloring your favorite Ninjago, all free and easy printable. On the island Ninjago there are six ninja's that protect the island with their elementary powers. Kai is the red ninja and the Master of Fire. Lloyd is the green and gold ninja. He is the Master of Energy and the leader of the ninja's. Jay is the blue ninja and the Master of Lightning. Cole is the black ninja and Master of the Earth. Nya is the water ninja and the Master of Water. She is the younger sister of Kai and friends with Jay. And last but not least Zane, who is the white and titanium ninja and the Master of Ice. They are all trained by Sensei Wu, a wise and old teacher of the ninja's. They have to battle Lord Garmadon and his skeleton-buddies and use their powers to defeat them and use dragons to help them with the battle. Which Ninjago coloring page will you choose?