So fluffy and soft, puppies! Do you also want to immediately cuddle a puppy when you see one? We have really nice printable coloring pages of puppies in our collection. A puppy is a young dog. There are many different dog breeds. You have small ones like a Jack Russel or a Dachshund and bigger breeds like the Golden Retriever, Husky or a German Shepherd. A puppy likes to play but also needs a lot of sleep. From the day a puppy is born until around three weeks a puppy sleeps for about 70% of the time! After around 8 weeks the puppy will leave the nest. Maybe you are preparing yourself for a new puppy in your home. What a great idea to print one of our free puppy coloring pages and put it on your wall in your bedroom. You can make your puppy coloring page into a countdown calendar. If you are not getting a puppy yourself, you can pick a realistic puppy dog coloring picture to print. He can be a companion as well. Have a lot of fun coloring!