During their adventures Pokémon can develop. gain more experience and they can even evolve into a stronger version. The most famous Pokémon is Pikachu. He is the buddy of Ash Ketchum. The cute fox Eevee is also a favorite and has 3 evolution options. Charizard is not an easy one to get into your team, because Charmander needs to evolve first. Pokémon legendary is a group of very rare and strong Pokémon. The Pokemon universe is populated by hundreds of others. There are still a lot of Pokémon that need to be discovered. Kids and adults all over the world play this game, on the hunt for cards that are not in their team yet. The GK Pokémon cards are very popular. We have some really cool Pokémon coloring pages for you. Will you pick a coloring page of Pikachu, Greninja, Mewtwo or Evee and will you color Pikachu in yellow or will you use a different color? Have fun!