Keroppi is one of the most popular Sanrio characters, and it's not hard to see why. He's a happy-go-lucky frog who's always up for an adventure and making new friends. With his trademark green color, red and white striped shirt, and adorable pink cheeks, he's a true icon of cuteness. He lives in Donut Pond together with his sister Pikke, his brother Koroppi and his father and mother. Donut Pond also features a very cool island in the center, which is connected through a wooden bridge. Did you know Keroppi's full name is Keroppi Hasunoue. Cool, right? We offer a wide variety of Keroppi coloring pages that cater to different tastes. Whether you're looking for a simple picture of Keroppi sitting on a lily pad or a more detailed scene of him playing with his friends, we've got you covered. You'll even find some coloring pages featuring Keroppi wearing different costumes and outfits, like a sailor suit or a Christmas hat! Don't wait, grab your favorite coloring pencils, markers or crayons, print your favorite and start coloring these adorable Keroppi pages today!